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How To Find The Right Watch For Your Wrist


Finding the Right Watch for Your Wrist

First things first, if you’re a woman, you have landed at the perfect place as this guide is entirely dedicated to choosing the perfect women’s watch. Now, some of you may be thinking what’s wrong with a general guide.

Well, the thing is, choosing a men’s watch is very different than finding the right women’s watch, as ranging from the requirements to preferences, everything differs quite a bit. With that said, let us walk you through some of the most important factors for finding a watch that looks and feels like it was made for your wrist.


The casing is one of the most basic yet most important features to look for in a watch. While most watches have a round dial (and for a good reason), there are also the square and rectangular dials. Oh and yes, you also have those unusually shaped dials nowadays, though they are a bit too unusual for most wrists.

Of course, the safest and usually the best option is a round dial. Besides offering plenty of different styles, it usually also looks much more “natural” on a women’s wrist than other types of dials. While you can also go for the masculine square or the bold rectangular, but unless they really suit your personality, they may turn out to be a bad option to say the least.


Similarly, the size of the dial can matter quite a bit as well. While you wouldn’t want to get into a lot of experimentation by getting a watch with an unusually large dial (unless your wrist is large, too), anything that’s 28mm or lower should be fine. Most of the best options usually fall in the 24mm to 28mm range.


Well, we don’t need to tell you how important it is to a woman. In fact, some women might as well reject a watch (well, maybe accept it grudgingly) even as a gift if it has just been made to tell time with no focus on style whatsoever.

The style the dials of our watches boast of, however, would make your heart skip a beat. Those are the kind of dials that are sure to catch the eye of people around you everywhere you go.

And do you know what’s the best part? There are so many different types of them that you can easily find something that suits your personality just perfectly.

If you want the watch to reflect your “soft” side, you can get the one with cute flowers or random golden dots, but no numbers. If you would like to be seen as a geeky woman, you would want to get the one with a lot of features that looks a little cluttered. Then there’s also the one that has diamonds studded all over its dial, offering a rather rare combination of luxury and affordability.


While the strap is usually a matter of personal preference, the soft silicon and nylon ones seem to be trending as of late. On the other hand, there are also some cool metal straps that may appeal to you, but make sure you’re comfortable with them as the heavier ones can be a little hard on your skin.

Hopefully this helped you in deciding how to purchase your new watch. If you're looking for unique watches, be sure to check out

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